SERA News is published quarterly and contains news from members, conference session reviews, articles on registrarial topics, job and workshop listings, and a host of other information. It is a free publication to all SERA members.  To submit or suggest an article, contact the Communications Chair.

Communications Chair:

Erica Hague


Newsletter Deadlines 

Winter - January 29, 2021

Spring - April 30, 2021

Summer - August 4, 2021

Fall - November 3, 2021

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COVID 19 Resources

COVID 19/ Coronavirus has impacted all our institutions. Here is a list of compiled resources for you to reference during this time. SERA will have virtual meetups throughout this lockdown, and will continue to update this list of resources as well as update the Facebook page with upcoming webinars.

Work From Home Ideas

  • Update Collections Management Plan & Policy

  • Update Emergency Response Plan

  • Database Cleanup

    • Make items in database webready

    • Research items/people/places/topics

    • Enter in copyright info

    • Load images

  • Write social media/blog posts

    • What is it Wednesdays

    • Today in History

    • Historic Recipes

    • Behind the Scenes using older photos

  • Update process/procedure documents

  • Digitize Deed and Loan processes

  • Facility reopening plan 

  • Document processes and report

  • Large access projects (digitization?)

  • Write a grant

  • Plan documentation of COVID19 in your area

    • Rapid Collecting in general?

    • Pulse Collecting – Orange Co. History Center, Orlando, FL​​

Sample COVID related materials and documents

(got one to share? Click here & send it to us!)

COVID signage - Gibbes Museum of Art (PDF)

COVID signage placement - Gibbes Museum of Art (PDF)

Museum Map for visitors - Gibbes Museum of Art (PDF)

Receiving, Releasing, Handling Protocols - Georgia Museum of Art (PDF)

COVID 19 Resources

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